The Kielce Countryside Museum was established by the decision of the Kielce voivode on August 21, 1976. It began its independent activity on January 1, 1977.

Its main goal is to collect, protect and share the folk cultures monuments from the area of  Świętokrzyskie voivodeship, with particular emphasis on folk architecture, and popularization of folk culture.

The branches of the Kielce Village Museum are:

  • Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia in the commune of Chęciny
  • The Laszczyk Manor in Kielce
  • Mausoleum of the Martydorm of Polish Villages in Michniów
  • In situ facilities: Czernikiewicz's farm in Bodzentyn and Windmill in Szwarszowice
  • The headquarters of the museum and some offices are located in the exhibition and administration building at the back of the historic Laszczyków Manor in Kielce.

The main attraction of the museum is the Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia, located by the road No. 7 from Kielce to Krakow. Its task is to preserve the monuments of village and small-town architecture of Kielce area and present them in an environment similar to the original one and in natural complexes of village fragments.

The area of ​​the ethnographic park was entered into the register of immovable monuments in 1995.
(Reg. No. A.269 of 17.07.1995).

The Ethnographic Park, which has permanent exhibitions of village, small-town and court buildings, is located in Tokarnia, about 20 kilometers from Kielce. The open-air museum, located in by the Czarna Nida river, has 65 hectares, of which 20 hectares are forest. The diversity of its area allows to present historic buildings in conditions close to natural.

The substantive and scientific assumptions of the exhibition were developed in 1971 by an ethnograhper, professor Roman Reinfuss from the Polish Folk Art Research Laboratory of the Institute of Art at the Polish Academy of Sciences.


Prizes and awards granted to the Kielce Countryside Museum:

  • ŚWIĘTOKRZYSKI DIAMENT 2019 for: promoting the cultural history of the Świętokrzyskie region
  • LIDER REGIONU 2018 in the category: Culture. Strong brand
  • LIDER REGIONU 2017 in the category: Strong Brand
  • LIDER REGIONU 2015 in the category: History and Culture
  • LIDER REGIONU 2013 in the category: Culture
  • LIDER REGIONU 2012 in the category: Sport, tourism and recreation
  • LIDER REGIONU 2011 in the category: Culture
  • LIDER REGIONU 2010 in the category: Culture
  • SKRZYDŁA 2018 for: constantly improving the quality of services and developing the offer of the Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia
  • SKRZYDŁA 2016 for: undertaking activities promoting the local product and culinary heritage of the Świętokrzyskie region
  • SKRZYDŁA 2015 for: project: "From the great-grandmother's wardrobe. Clothes of various professions in the small town of Kielce in the 1920s and 1930s"
  • SKRZYDŁA 2014 for: effective acquisition of external funds for the implementation of the project, which aims to protect cultural heritage
  • SKRZYDŁA 2012 for: a program of ethnographic lessons and workshops for children and adults
  • SKRZYDŁA 2010 for: expansion and revitalization of the Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia
  • SUPER WĘDROWIEC ŚWIĘTOKRZYSKI 2014 for: outstanding services for the development of tourism in the Świętokrzyskie province
  • WĘDROWIEC ŚWIĘTOKRZYSKI 2010 for: services to the development of tourism in the Świętokrzyskie province
  • WĘDROWIEC ŚWIĘTOKRZYSKI 1999 for: special merits for the development of tourism in the Świętokrzyskie province
  • MICHELIN: GUIDE 2018 "GUIDE VERTE POLOGNE" - 2 * for the Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia
  • BEST FOR SCHOOL TRAVELERS IN POLAND 2017 in the category: The most interesting open-air museum, II place
  • CERTIFICATE OF POLISH TOURIST ORGANIZATION 2016 for: the best tourist product - Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia
  • KULTURA ONLINE.PL Third place for: the most interesting open-air museum in Poland
  • TOP 5 TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN POLAND 2016 BY POLISH TOURIST ORGANIZATION: 2nd place for the Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia
  • Literary Magazine "Books" Magellan's Award 2016 in the category: Mobile Guide
  • RÓŻA REGIONÓW 2015 in the category: mobile application, II place
  • DEZEEN MAGAZINE - Mausoleum of Polish Village Martyrology in Michniów among 12 most-anticipated buildings in the world - 2015.
  • EURO-SYMBOL Cultural Heritage 2012
  • GOOGLE 2011 Highly Commended Public Service Architecture Poland: Martydom in Michniow by Nizio Design International
  • POLISH TOURIST ORGANIZATION PLEBISCITE 2004 distinction: "Świętokrzyskie region, beautiful, stranger"