Czernikiewicz's homestead in Bodzentyń

The Czernikiewicz farm in Bodzentyn is an example of the specific architecture of small agricultural towns, so numerous in the past throughout Kielce area. It consists of: a residential building, outbuildings and a coach house, which, together with the with a wooden fence on the yard, form a compact quadrangle complex. The walls of all buildings were erected from fir wood, while the roofs are covered with shingles.

The farm is the oldest and only with such a good preserved small-town homestead known from the Kielce region. Its oldest elements (parts of a residential house and outbuildings, coach house and fence) come from 1809. The other three were added to the house. Residential rooms come from 1870 and 1920.

The exhibition recreates interiors inhabited by a middle-class, multi-generational family of a small-town farmer. The exhibition is recreated on the basis of field research carried out in Bodzentyn and on archival materials. The first room, hall and all utility rooms are examples of interiors from the mid-nineteenth century. The second room represents the residential interior from the beginning of the Of the twentieth century, and the third chamber from the interwar period.

Stone Windmill in Szwarszowice

A windmill of the Dutch type in Szwarszowice near Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski was built by Józef Kaczmarski in the years 1880-1885, after the old wooden windmill of "koźlak" type burned in a fire. The building made of stone, unique in the province area, has been preserved "in situ", that is, in the place of its original foundation. Currently, in the object open to the public after renovation, you can see the complete equipment of the former wind mill, including: a massive wooden wing shaft with a brake wheel, a vertical shaft with a "crown" wheel, sails and millstones. In the interior there are also mill devices with a cylindrical sifter and additionally flour and bran boxes, as well as a fanner. The windmill lying in close proximity to the road is a tourist attraction and a beautiful element of the disappearing landscape of the former village of Świętokrzyskie area.