"Five years of occupation in the Kielce village 1939 - 1945. Memory records" is a unique project implemented by the Museum of the Kielce Village. The story told by witnesses of war will be written on DVD.

Employees of the Kielce Countryside Museum - Mausoleum of Polish Rural Martyrology in Michniów have interviewed 34 people so far. 40 hours of memories of witnesses to the tragic years of the Nazi occupation were recorded: soldiers of the Polish Underground, witnesses of the pacification of the Kielce villages, families of victims of German and Soviet repression.

While implementing the project, the Museum cooperates with the National Archives in Kielce, the Kielce delegation of the Institute of National Remembrance, TVP Kielce Branch and Radio Kielce, which have extensive archives regarding five years of occupation in the Świętokrzyskie Region.

The Kielce Countryside Museum will release a DVD on which selected stories of witnesses of history will be posted. It will be valuable educational and historical material, as it will be told by witnesses of war days. All recordings will be made available to visitors in the new objects of the Mausoleum of Polish Rural Martyrology in Michniów, and fragments will also be posted on the portal www.martyrologiawsipolskich.pl.

The project is financed under the "Patriotism of Tomorrow" program by the Polish History Museum in Warsaw. Its implementation will end in December 2012.